Demi Lovato's VMA Pre-Show Performance Of 'Give Your Heart A Break' Was So Hot IT WAS LITERALLY ON FIRE

Demi Lovato slays the 2012 VMA Pre-Show with a dance version of her No. 1 smash "Give Your Heart A Break."

And off we go! The 2012 MTV VMAs are finally upon us. After weeks of teasing you with endless performer updates, behind-the-scenes photos, and crucial info regarding the BOMB VMA lighting scheme, the show has finally begun! Well the Pre-Show, that is, and who better to give us the jump start that we need other than the scary contraption riding, mini-cupcake eating, "X Factor" judging Demi Lovato! And trust, she did not disappoint.

Watch Demi Lovato perform "Give Your Heart A Break" at the 2012 VMAs Pre-Show after the jump.

Demi took the stage to perform her smash "Give Your Heart A Break," which, if you hadn't noticed by it playing on literally every radio station ever created, is currently #1 on the Pop Songs chart on Billboard. The consummate overachiever, Demi thought it might be fun (which it was) to turn her pop smash into, get this, a club record! It's like, just when you thought you couldn't be any more in love with Demi's No. 1 jam, she performs an EDM version LIVE at the VMA pre-show. If that doesn't say IRL goddess, then we don't know what does. While taking us to da club, the "Best Video With A Message" nominee (and now winner!) strutted her stuff in a sparkly black dress with, sky-high heeled boots, and hair so luscious she should probably go straight to a Pantene photo shoot. And also: confetti! An endless stream of red, Royal-Wedding worthy confetti. Now, Lovatics, go and tweet a slew of congratulatory 140 character messages to your Queen! She totes deserves it.

+ Watch Demi Lovato perform "Give Your Heart A Break" at the 2012 VMAs Pre-Show and see what she did to get prepped for the big night! 

Photo credit: Getty Images