The Jonas Brothers Sure Do Love Brunch! (PHOTO)

The Jonas Brothers go brunching...AGAIN!

It's been so exciting to see the Jonas Brothers hanging out 24/7 again! Over the past few months, the Bros have been seen all over town doing things like announcing reunion shows (!!), writing music, having Nerf Gun wars in the studio, Twitter hacking, and most important, EATING A LOT OF BREAKFAST! (Personally, we are major supporters of enjoying breakfast for lunch, dinner, and late-night snacks. Breakfast ALL THE TIME!) We caught the JoBros doing brunch together last month, and as luck would have it, they're back on the eggs Benedict train this month, too!

Eggs Benedict may be a stretch (because have you seen these boys? Can we say EGG WHITES ONLY?), but whatever their breakfast food of choice, the point is: Even more photos of the Jonas Brothers together doing normal family things! Along with the adorbz picture of Kevin, Nick, Pops Jonas, and younger brother Frankie at the brunch table, Joe tweeted, "Pops and bros brunch." Would it be weird to nominate this photo as a PSA on family values? Well that, and the importance of your first meal of the day. Gotta get that metabolism cranking!

Photo credit: @JoeJonas

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