Hey, So You're Gonna See A 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Trailer At The VMAs! But First, Here's The Trailer Trailer

Ooh, Bella, gurl, you in danger!

I'm primarily going to the 2012 MTV VMAs for three reasons: Rihanna saying "suck my cockiness" on live TV, the U.S. Olympic gymnastic team, and, specifically, for an up-close-and-personal look at Zayn Malik's hair. BUT, I now have another reason to watch: The 2012 MTV VMAs will feature a brand-new, 90-second "Twilight: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2" trailer. But just like after the party is the after-party, before the trailer is the trailer trailer. So here's a look at the "Twilight: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2" trailer trailer. I've already watched it about 43 times in the past hour (can you tell I've also had about 43 ounces of coffee today?), and here's what I can tell you is going on in the VMA "Twilight: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2" trailer trailer:

+ There's no sign of Renesmee, but we do get a quick one-liner from her future husband, Jacob, who fearlessly asserts that he ain't 'fraid of no vampires. It's like, dude, WE KNOW. You don't always have to be SO emo. Gawd.

+ There's a boot. Boots are HUGE for Fall 2012. So is symbolism.

+ We see Bella and Edward, together, attractive, and scared, which is just the way I like to remember them. (Sniff!) Also, Bella's got the hair game ON LAWK.

+ The Volturi have landed, and they are NOT effing around. Vamps better lawyer up, because the end is nigh. Also, I just don't get why we can't settle this by a good old-fashioned Justin Timberlake-style dance battle.

+ Alice is still REALLY into decorating with fresh flowers, but not even a beautiful bunch of white, fresh-cut peony gardenias can keep her from having an overpowering vision. Either that, or she just discovered the "Bandz A Make Her Dance" 2 Chainz/ Lil Wayne remix. I know that's how I probably looked when I first heard it. Still, WHAT DO YOU KNOW, Alice? WHAT. DO. YOU. KNOW? The fact that she didn't drop the vase and shatter it all over the floor tells me that she didn't see all the way IRL and glimpse the demise of Robsten. (RIP! NEVER FORGET!)

+ Watch a sneak peek of the "Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2" Trailer, and don't miss the extended trailer when it premieres during the 2012 MTV VMAs on Thursday, Sept. 6, at 8 p.m. ET/PT, live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Photo credit: Summit Entertainment

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