Video Premiere: I Call Fives, 'Late Nights'

I Call Fives try to save a relationship in their "Late Nights" video.

Meet I Call Fives: They're five (duhhhh) cute bros from Washington Township, NJ who, if we may say so ourselves, have been hustling mad hard for their success. At the start of their career (in say, 2006), I Call Fives set the DIY bar fairly high by organizing their own tours and playing makeshift shows in basements. Wanna know what they did last summer? (Yes, we said it). They were slaying crowds left and right at the 2012 Vans Warped Tour! A typical trajectory, yes? NOPE. Miraculously, somewhere in between all that hustling, these five bros found time to film a rather emo (in a good way!) video for their smash single, "Late Nights."

Watch I Call Fives' "Late Nights" video after the jump.

In their "Late Nights" video, I Call Fives' lead singer Jeff Todd gets into some girl trouble when his hot blonde gal pal decides to up and leave him smack dab in the middle of a camping trip. (Don't you hate it when that happens?! Hope she at least thought to leave him some leftover trail mix...because heaven help the poor camper left all alone in the woods without any snacks.)

Anyway, all Jeff wanted to do was take cutesy camping pics with his girl, but sadly, she's wasn't having it. After the inevitable breakup, Jeff gathers all the photos he ever took of his blonde bombshell and heads to a remote cliff to drop them into the water. Naturally, this chick has a sixth sense that her man is about to do something totally dumb (i.e. ruin hard copies of an entire Facebook album), so she runs to stop him before it's too late. Once she arrives, Jeff and his girl give each other "the look," and suddenly you're not sure if you're about to be watching the rain-soaked reconciliation scene from "The Notebook," or a rock band's music video. Either way, we can basically guarantee that these two campfire-crossed lovers (hey, I tried) will be making out again in no time.

+ Watch I Call Fives' "Late Nights" video and stream their entire self-titled debut album here