Star Spotting: Lady Gaga Anchors Herself With Some New Ink (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga got some new ink in the form of an anchor.

Oddly, the most shocking part of this photo of Lady Gaga basically undressing in the middle of the street to reveal multiple tattoos is the fact that she's...WEARING A T-SHIRT. You know, like a normal person. In normal clothes that don't resemble THIS.

After experiencing Mother Monster's time as a stewardess on Gaga Airlinesher penchant for wearing matching outfits with her dog, and that one time she forgot to wear a shirt to the airport, you're probably all like "Who cares about a simple new tattoo? That's tame!" We totally agree, except that this time, Gaga's ink might be dedicated to her hunky model boyfriend (and "Yoü And I" costar) Taylor Kinney. Along with the pic of her ink, Gaga tweeted, "New Tat. Stamp of His Mermaid." While we can't confirm, we're pretty sure the "his" in this situation is Taylor Kinney, considering the couple met on the set of Gaga's video where she, ahem, played a mermaid. Mad detective skills on lock right now!

Photo credit: @LadyGaga

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