Star Spotting: Selena Gomez Could Easily Pass For Dorothy In 'The Wizard Of Oz' (PHOTO)

All she needs is Toto, and Selena Gomez is a present-day Dorothy.

It's not every day that we dare to compare anything to our favorite movie, "The Wizard Of Oz," let alone to our favorite ruby-slipper-wearing heroine, Dorothy. But, if we ever were so bold to compare the original Dorothy to a modern-day gal, it'd have to be Selena Gomez.

Snapped while filming her new movie, "Feed The Dog," the "Love You Like A Love Song" singer totally tapped her inner Dorothy, and it may in fact be cuter than Toto in a basket. Actually, we're pretty sure it is. Costarring Nat Wolff (one-half of Nat & Alex Wolff), "Feed The Dog" is based on Ric Browde's 2000 novel, While I'm Dead..Feed The Dog. Not exactly sure how a Dorothy-esque pink dress fits in with the plot, but if it means more Selena-meets-Dorothy time, then we're thankful for the story line most of all.

Photo credit: Splash News