New Video: Blood Red Shoes, 'In Time To Voices'

You can't take these guys anywhere without someone getting a nosebleed.

We've been hitting the gym pretty hard lately in an attempt to keep up with Usher, so we were pretty stoked to see Blood Red Shoes taking on a bodybuilder in their new video for "In Time to Voices." The U.K. duo definitely get an "A" for authenticity, as they called up their extremely fit pal Craig Lee for a vicious arm wrestling match with singer Laura-Mary Carter. And she does more than hold her own -- let's just say the challenge gives new meaning to the band's footwear-themed moniker. Wonder how she feels about tanning and laundry?

Watch Blood Red Shoes' "In Time To Voices" video after the jump.

Kicking a weight lifter's butt with high heels is pretty punk rock, but the track has a dreamy, dramatic, '90s alt-rock vibe that reminds us more of groups like Garbage, The Kills and 2:54. It's the band's third single from this year's In Time To Voices and their first ever to feature a guitar solo. The duo, which also includes drummer Steven Ansell, has been around for a minute, releasing debut set Box Of Secrets in 2008 and sophomore album Fire Like This in 2010 before scoring a spot on the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World soundtrack. Fresh off main stage dates at the Reading and Leeds festivals, the group's upcoming North American tour kicks off in September at New York's Mercury Lounge. Don't wear flats.

+ Watch Blood Red Shoes' "In Time To Voices."

Photo credit: V Records