will.i.am Premieres His Song 'Reach For The Stars' ON PLANET MARS. The Game Has Been CHANGED

will.i.am before the launch of his interplanetary hit "Reach For The Stars (Mars Edition)."

There are few barriers that will.i.am can't break. Constant No. 1 songs and albums: easy. Appear as a hologram before 2Pac did: check. And now he's going where literally no Earth-born artist has before by premiering a new song, "Reach For The Stars,"...wait for it...on MARS. Literally and legitimately. NASA beamed the song back to Earth via the Curiosity rover, which is currently cold chillin' on Mars.

Seriously, dude GOES IN with the mind-blowing ideas. Who needs to premiere a song online (ahem!?) or on the radio when you premiere it on another planet. (Kinda brings new meaning to "world premiere," too, doesn't it?) Premiering a song on another planet feels like a very Kanye move, because that's a guy who goes big on the regular. (Making an entire mini movie instead of a music video, upgrading Kim Kardashian's ENTIRE wardrobe, destroying a Maybach just for kicks -- you know. Big moves.) Maybe will.i.am has entered into a (space?) race with Kanye West to see who can out-ridiculous the other? We'll just be over here with some popcorn if you need us.

Listen to will.i.am's "Reach For The Stars (Mars Edition)" after the jump.

will's new song got us thinking -- if you created a song to broadcast to other planets, what would it sound like? In will.i.am's case, the result is pretty EPIC. The interplanetary jam features orchestras, chanting, and Auto-Tune mixed in with electro-pop. It kinda sounds like what we think space sounds like (if, well, you could hear anything in space ::womp womp::).

will.i.am does seem aware that sound exists on Mars and serenades the planet with some impassioned lyrics: "Why they say the sky is the limit / When I've seen the footprints on the moon?" Good point, will. Maybe your words will bring undiscovered Martian life-forms out from hiding (cue David Bowie's "Life On Mars"). Better watch out, Yeezy. will's set the bar pretty high -- beyond the ozone, in fact.

+ Listen to will.i.am's "Reach For The Stars (Mars Edition)."

Photo credit: @iamwill