10 Things To Know Now: Michael Jackson 101, Christina Aguilera's New Album + Britney's 'Gangnam Style'

Take a course on Michael Jackson, Austin Mahone gets a record deal, and more on 10 Things To Know Now!

1.) Did you know that today is Michael Jackson's birthday, or that his middle name was Joseph? Learn everything about the King of Pop by taking this college course at CSU. (If there's Moonwalking homework, we're so in.) (Vibe)

2.) YouTube sensation Austin Mahone (aka "Baby Bieber") tweeted that he's scored an official record deal with Universal Republic! Congrats, Austin! (Billboard)

3.) We FLIPPED over the recent demo leak and photos from the music video for Christina Aguilera's new song, "Your Body." In a recent interview, the "Voice" judge opened up about what else we can expect from her upcoming record. (MTV News)

4.) Everyone loves Psy's "Gangnam Style" -- including Britney Spears! She even wants to learn all the dance moves from the video. PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN, Brit! (allkpop)

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5.) Here are a few snapshots of Shia LaBeouf's facial hair evolution. Umm, if someone could also create a flip book so we can watch it grow before our very eyes, that would be the best. (MTV Style)

6.) Katy Perry's gone pink, blue, black, blonde, and purple in hair color -- Girl's like a real Rainbow Brite! Now the "Wide Awake" singer sports some bright orange hair and looks GORG on the cover of French magazine L'Officiel. (MTV Style)

7.) will.i.am's new single "Reach For The Stars" is so out of this world that it's going to beam all the way from the Mars Curiosity Rover. The future is here. (RapFix)

8.) Bon voyage, Nicki Minaj! The rapper's heading to Europe this fall to complete the second half of her "Pink Friday: Reloaded" tour and promises that it's going to be "...bigger and better and crazier." (Rap-Up)

9.) Steven Tyler may have left his judging gig on "American Idol," but he's still going to be busy promoting Aerosmith's new record, Music From Another Dimension, due out Nov. 6. Check out the track list! (Alt Sounds)

10.) Does watching this video of an ADORBZ koala swimming and crawling into a canoe make you want to cuddle it like it's Snuggle the Downy Bear? Just us? (Reddit)

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