New Songs: Listen To D-WHY's Mixtape, 'Don't Flatter Yourself'

Let's all just take a moment to admire those highlights! And listen to D-WHY's new mixtape, "Don't Flatter Yourself." 

As you might recall, we've been telling you about D-WHY's soon-to-be mixtape Don't Flatter Yourself ever since we first buzzed about him back in November of last year. We also made sure to show you D's banger "Macchiato Music," his humorously AGGRO and Casey Veggies-assisted "Kill Me Now," and his 2 Chainz-inspired "One Day After 2 Chainz (Birthday Song Remix)." We kinda get that at this point we've been giant Don't Flatter Yourself teases. (Sorry, guys!) But after torturing you for weeks, we are FINALLY able to present the tape in its entirety!

Listen to D-WHY's Don't Flatter Yourself  mixtape after the jump. 

Aside from "Kill Me Now" (or as we like to call it, our favorite "I'm-having-the-worst-day-ever" anthem), "Stealing Youth" shows off D-WHY's softer side as he raps (and sings!) about making the most from the time he's got: "And even though we may die soon/I'm here with you/We're stealing youth." (Aww, we love it when a rapper gets in touch with their (emo)tional side!)

"Good Will Stunting," another one of our favorites, gets D about 10,000 extra points for coming up with the most brill song title we've heard in a second, but it's D-WHY's no-BS attitude that really slays us: "I'm sorry if I offended you/ Or told you that I loved you/Or pretended to/ You know I got a problem with commitment/ 'Cause it always leaves the heartbreak.../ Let's skip to the bachelor party." Not exactly what the ladies want to hear, D, but we gotta love a guy who gets straight to the point.

And we're also not the only ones totally hyped about D-WHY's mixtape. Basically all of America is, too! Don't Flatter Yourself jumped to the No. 1 spot on Billboard's "Next Big Sound" chart as the FASTEST accelerating artist on the internet. Right, so THE FASTEST THING ON THE INTERNET GUYS. We know you're against flattery, D, but maybe you should pat yourself on the back just this once (we promise we won't tell anyone!) 'cause YOU DONE GOOD. ::Golf claps::

+ Listen to D-WHY's Don't Flatter Yourself  mixtape and cop a free download

Photo credit: William Marple