Miley Cyrus Poses With Another Cute Dog. This Should Totally Be Her 'Thing' From Now On (PHOTO)

Miley Cyrus snuggles with another cute puppy! We can't stop aww-ing!

Anyone want to help me publish a coffee-table book containing the many, many, many photos of  Miley Cyrus with adorable dogs? We can't even deal with the four-legged cuteness exuding from Miley's Twitter on a daily basis. But don't worry -- we could also include a few pics of Miley's killer style, supreme pixie cut, and GORG fiancé. Can we all just agree that every aspect of Miley's life is pure ART?!

The "Party In The U.S.A." singer recently shared another photo snuggling with a puppy, accompanied by a saucy caption (sassy new hair, sassy humor guys!), "I [heart] this bitch. @CheyneThomas #LITERALLLYYYY."  We're not sure if this pup is a new addition (we proudly know her other dogs' names and breeds by heart) or belongs to Cheyne (if so, we're jealous but Cheyne's life looks pretty sweet spending time in a pool with Miley and receiving dog tweets), but we totally think that Miley should make bringing dogs everywhere her "thing." Maybe she could tote one along when she guest stars for two episodes on "Two and a Half Men" this fall?? Or even bring a furry companion onstage during her presenting gig at the 2012 VMA MTV Awards! Maybe this is a sign that all of the evening's celebs should bring their pets to the VMAs! Just don't forget a lint roller -- NO ONE wants pet hair on their Versace.

Photo credit: @MileyCyrus

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