New Video: Usher, 'Dive'

Usher takes the plunge with model Chanel Iman in his latest video, "Dive."

By now, we're pretty used to seeing Usher surrounded by scantily clad women. But devoting his time to ONLY ONE WOMAN? Something must be up! Well, according to his "Dive" video, RshrBB is in LOVE! That, or he's powerless to resist the ways of his leading lady, who just so happens to be unspeakably hot supermodel Chanel Iman. But it could TOTALLY also be love! 

Watch Usher's "Dive" video after the jump.

Plotwise, Usher's "Dive" video is half "Titanic," half a soft-core porn R-rated movie with lots of naked sexy time in it. Usher and Chanel are out at sea, and unfortunately, their vessel starts to go down. At first they're like WTF, but they both decided that if they're gonna go down, they should find the time to squeeze in one more hot romp before it all ends. A tad dramatic? Perhaps, but Usher's a professional. Also, if we had the option to either slowly drown OR kick it with Usher, we'd opt for the latter option (and also opt for "not drowning"). YOLO.

+ Watch Usher's "Dive" video.

Photo credit: RCA