Listen To An Avril Lavigne And Chad Kroeger Mashup That We Hope They'll Dance To At Their Wedding

Internet? This Avril/ Chad Kroeger mashup is how you remind me of just how wonderful you really are.

It had to happen. As soon as news broke of pop-punker and former tie-wearer Avril Lavigne's very Canadian engagement to Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger, the Internet exploded in one of many ways. First, The Engagement. Next, "Chavril." Then, The (HUGE!??!) Ring. Now, The Mashup. I ask you, what will the Internet dream up next??

Listen to Chavril's marriage mashup after the jump.

Yesterday, a SoundCloud user named Insanity Wolf uploaded a mind-bending mashup of Avril's "Complicated" and Chad's "How You Remind Me," the result of which being that I feel 14 again, am reliving memories of middle school dances, and want to give Insanity Wolf a big hug. I'd also like to buy him or her an Abbey Dawn hoodie. We're also praying that Avril and Chad have the presence of mind to play this song as they walk down the aisle, or maybe for a surprise on-stage collab?

+ Listen to the "Complicated" and "How You Remind Me" mashup.

Photo credit: Getty Images

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