A Shirtless Celine Dion Wears Teddy Bear Pants In 'V Magazine'... Wait, WHAT!? (PHOTO)

Yes, that's Celine Dion. No, we don't really know how. Or why.

Were you or were you not JUST saying to your friend, "Friend! I will simply EXPIRE if the summer of 2012 comes to a close without Celine Dion donning pants (with suspenders, no less, although let's be real -- THAT'S not the odd thing about them) adorned with half a Toys 'R Us worth of stuffed animals. (We've binged on enough MTV Style to know that those pants are the handiwork of Jeremy Scott, by the way.)

Right about now, you're surely huffing smelling salts after fainting over these photos of Celine Dion, so hopefully it's all coming back to you now. Because yes, that's really Celine, in pants that look like they'd gain her certain entry to the Electric Daisy Carnival, wearing bunny ears and what looks like a "Phantom Of The Opera" mask for V Magazine. Breathe that in.



But wait! In the next photo, a topless, slender Celine channels a '60s-era Playboy bunny.

Yep. I said TOPLESS Celine Dion. With all due respect to "the greatest singer in the world," I don't know that I needed a photo of a topless Celine Dion. Will my heart go on after this? I hope so.

Photo credit: Sebastian Faena/ V Magazine