Video Premiere: The Features, 'Another One'

The Features' new video has a cat cameo? Yeah? Now we love them even more.

The Features' "Another One" video, directed by Ryan Newman, starts out as a romance, right from the opening shot: a happy couple and a motel with free HBO! (That's true love.) Of course, instead of spending their special night watching "True Blood" and playing Sookie, our heroes have to contend with a band of hipster rodents. (This is why you ALWAYS have to read TripAdvisor!) In an possible outtake from "Honey, We Shrunk The Rock Band," the Nashville quartet delivers the hooky track (which feels like the Talking Head synced up with The Cars) from the safety of a mouse-sized hole in the wall until our lovelorn protagonists outsmart them and put this whole of-mice-and-men thing to bed.

Watch The Features' "Another One" video after the jump.

The Features aren't just making music for mice. Their tracks have landed everywhere from Breaking Dawn soundtrack and, yes, "True Blood" to the earbuds of Tennessee neighbors The Kings Of Leon -- The Features' latest album, Wilderness, was released by KOL's Serpents and Snakes label last summer, so it might be time for the band to start plotting another one. If they can make it past the motel cat.

+ Watch The Features' "Another One" video.