Video Premiere: The Hives, ‘Wait A Minute’

The Hives actually ditch the formalwear in their “Wait A Minute” video.

After going multi-cam for their live take on “Go Right Ahead,” The Hives are back with a cinematic approach to their “Wait A Minute” video, with squirmy close-ups on Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist’s cartoon eyes and mesmerizing jaw. (Mouth like Jagger!( He gets some helping hands — er, faces — from his fellow Hives, who repeat the song’s title like a monastic chant. But “Wait A Minute” is anything but zen; it’s a taut, nervy post-punk track that stays true to the Swedish group’s garage origins. The band does allow some concessions to 2K12 — note the synthesizer that heats up the chorus like a steamy Hot Pocket fresh out the microwave.

Watch The Hives’ “Wait A Minute” video after the jump.

This time around, the band abandons their usual monochrome formalwear — on the rare moments when the camera swerves from Almqvist’s Jim Carrey anime face we see him getting sweaty in a leather jacket — while the band’s instruments remain black-and-white. We can appreciate a solid color scheme.

The band’s still-fresh Lex Hives arrived in June, with the band touring Europe before heading back to the U.S. for Jay-Z’s Made in America Festival and gigs ranging from the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas — keep those tuxes clean, boys — to Denver’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

+ Watch The Hives’ “Wait A Minute” video.

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Photo credit: Travis Schneider