Star Spotting: NKOTB And The Wanted Visit Aaron Carter At 'The Fantasticks' Because BOY BANDS BE ERRYWHERE! (PHOTO)

Aw! Aaron's internal monologue is surely saying: "Please don't go BOYS! I'm GLAD YOU CAME."

BOY BAND WORLDS ARE COLLIDING! Bust out your very best silverware because THIS RIGHT HERE is what I call a boy band TRIFLE. Layers upon layers, racks on racks of my favorite boy banders from the '80s, '90s and TODAY (in the words of your favorite soft rock radio station) joined Aaron Carter to support him backstage after his performance in Broadway's "The Fantasticks."

Aaron's longtime pals Jonathan Knight from New Kids On The Block and Tom Parker, Jay McGuiness and Nathan Sykes from The Wanted -- they're up for a Best New Artist VMA, in case you missed that along the way -- came to support their brother in pop and look adorable together. They are patrons of the arts, and clearly, they look good doing it. I mean, just look at the decorations -- even the walls backstage can tell that this is a festive opportunity for the ages. It's so weird they forgot to invite us! Side note: What is Jonathan Knight using on his SKIN? That man has barely aged a day since his image appeared on the oversized pin from our first NKOTB concert TWENTY YEARS AGO. Just sayin', Jon.

And if you haven't already, catch Aaron Carter as Matt in "The Fantasticks" until Oct. 21, and watch our favorite boy bands get grilled in MTV News' Ultimate Boy Band Quiz.

Photo credit: Big Machine