New Song: Freelance Whales, 'Spitting Image'

Don't blame me if Freelance Whales' new song makes you wanna run through your screen into this forest.

Queens-based indie outfit Freelance Whales has been rocking us gently since, oh, about 2008, with jangly, aww-worthy tracks like “Hannah” and “Generator 1st Floor” from their Weathervanes debut.

Best known for packing a mixed bag of odd instruments -- glockenspiel, banjo -- Freelance Whales are in good company with warm and fuzzy acts like Sufjan Stevens, Ra Ra Riot and Local Natives. And right now, we’re currently in luurve with the band’s newest track “Spitting Image,” from their upcoming record Diluvia.

Listen to Freelance Whales' "Spitting Image" after the jump.

Basically, "Spitting Image" makes me wanna dive headfirst into a pile of perfectly-cut bangs, flea markets, candy apples, thrift stores, and striped shirts, while Zooey Deschanel stands idly by, asking her iPhone if it's raining. If only that pile existed. And if only I knew Zooey Deschanel. (Call me!)

The track opens with a few lines of plucky banjo and then leads into an addictive woah-oh-oh chorus plus some srsly catchy synths. Bassist Doris Cellar pulls double duty on vox, and the result is almost sweet enough to make us skip down the halls, which we'd be doing right now if we weren't working in an office, because that'd just be heavy with self-consciousness.

Anyway, we'll shut up and let you love this song till Diluvia comes out Oct. 9. Also, Zach Braff, are you around to make "Garden State 2"? Because this is gonna have to be on the soundtrack.

+ Listen to Freelance Whales' "Spitting Image."

Photo credit: Charlie Gross