POSTED: MGK Talks About Working At Chipotle (VIDEO)

MGK talks remembers his first (and worst!) jobs in this week's POSTED.

MGK has been keeping it real as MTV's POSTED artist for August (it doesn't get more real than living in your managers basement, guys)! Aside from scoring some extra time to admire his many tattoos, we also get to learn all about the EST 4 Life rapper through exclusive interviews, videos and photos all month long at

These days, MGK rubs elbows with some major bosses in the game (like Diddy, Waka Flocka Flame, Ester Dean), but rapping wasn't always been the way he paid the bills! This week, we learn about a couple of  MGK's least favorite jobs on his resume before getting signed to Bad Boy Records.

Watch MGK chat about his first jobs after the jump.

In the video, MGK confesses that before he was dropping piping hot verses, he was serving spicy dishes up at Chipotle! (Excuse us while we ponder the possibilities of free burritos.) The rapper also regales us with tales of having to take out Chipotle's garbage while going into great detail about a particular dramatic incident in which he stumbled on some unwelcome guests -- SPOILER ALERT: RATS! Even MGK isn't "Invincible" to pests!

He also reflects on his worst job ever -- working in a Red Bull warehouse and says, "I'm a skinny and I'd have to drive a truck and I'd have to load and unload 1,000 pounds every day!" We totally feel the guy's pain, but honestly, we can't stop thinking about eating tacos right now.

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