Star Spotting: Harry Styles Can Text And Record Hits At The Same Time! (PHOTO)

Harry Styles is the hottest multitask-er EVER!

Aside of being flawlessly photogenic in every GIF and photo of One Direction, the boys come equipped with other talents (they weren't nominated for two MTV VMAS for nothing, guys!). Just in case you're STILL skeptical, here's just a bit more proof: Harry Styles can record and play on his phone at the same time like NBD! Successfully multitasking is what makes Harry beautiful.

The above photo, shared on OneDirection's Facebook, shows Harry causally playing on his phone while recording (perhaps working on that new album they've been promising!?). We can only begin to speculate what's taking his attention from focusing on GETTING US NEW SONGS ASAP, but we do have to wonder if he's checking in on Zayn Malik to see why his bandmate quit Twitter (*holds back sobs*). Or perhaps, he's sending everyone he knows One Direction's latest MTV VMA slo-mo promo video to remind fans that they're taking the VMA stage to perform at the event for the FIRST TIME EVER! (BTW -- Watching slow motion videos of boy bands and not hyperventilating at the same time is how we multitask.)

Photo credit: One Direction's Facebook