New Song: Brandy, 'Wildest Dreams'

Brandy finds a love that exceeds her "Wildest Dreams" in her latest.

Let us go on the record to say we're FULLY thrilled that Brandy is back on the scene. She's first reemerged with her Chris Brown-assisted "Put It Down," and now she's let us into her inner-psyche via her latest jam, "Wildest Dreams."

Listen to Brandy's "Wildest Dreams" after the jump. 

"Wildest Dreams" is a laid back, classic R&B track that's reminiscent of Brandy's earlier sound, but that's why we love it! Think the sultry vocals of "Full Moon" coupled with the melodic swells of "Right Here (Departed)." Or in short, "Wildest Dreams" is Brandy in her sweet spot. Along with her lush vocals, the totally-in-love Brandy admits that she's been swept off of her feet: "And now I’m receiving abundance of love/ And I get it/ But never could imagine it/ Never in my wildest dreams, no, no, no/ Did I think someone could care about me, oh/ Not just the way you love me." Yes! We love it when pop stars sing about the people who love them. And no, that's not just because all pop stars deserve to be loved any more than us, but because we will never understand the dudes dumb enough to turn down a dime piece like Brandy. You go get your love, girl.

+ Listen to Brandy's "Wildest Dreams."

Photo credit: RCA