Star Spotting: Hilary Duff Forgot To Get Her Pants Altered. It's Cool, Because She's A Busy Mom! (PHOTO)

Hilary Duff's pants are a tad long, dontcha think?

Hilary Duff is a supermom to baby Luca, which means that sometimes she forgets to do important things like get her pants altered! Don't get us wrong -- we're in no way holding the fact that Hilary's pant bottoms are literally touching the dirty street against her. We'd just like to remind her that maybe she should add "GET PANTS ALTERED" to her to-do list. She can fit it in right under "MAKE OUT WITH MY HOT HUSBAND" and "FEED MY ADORABLE BABY." Or whatever.

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Hilary and her extra long-legged pants were snapped yesterday while dining with a pal at hip L.A. eatery, Ink. Long pants or no long pants, Hilary still looks absolutely GORG. We just wanna make sure she doesn't trip and fall! (Because that totally happens when your pants 100 percent cover your shoes.) We're by no means tailors over here, but we'd recommend even just one inch off the hem, and poof! You're now rocking a Madonna-esque wide legged pant that even our pals at MTV Style approve of. Get to altering, girl!

Long pants? Hilary Duff DGAF!

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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