New Video: Garbage, 'Big Bright World'

Watch Garbage's new video for "Big Bright World."

In between being BFFs with Ke$haGarbage's Shirley Manson found the time to write, record, and film a video for her band's new song "Big Bright World." In case you'd forgotten, it's kind of a big deal, seeing as how it's been about seven years since Garbage has been on the scene. But they're back and ready to slay the charts once again.

Watch Garbage's "Big Bright World" after the jump. 

The second single off Garbage's critically acclaimed album, Not Your Kind of People, "Big Bright World" is a vaguely '90s-feeling ambient rock song that pretty much left off where the rockers did years ago. And they've got a perfect video to match. Shot primarily black and white, the Julie Orser-directed clip features a veiled Shirley as she's surrounded by borderline-creepy religious imagery, close-ups of lakes, and shots of abandoned graveyards. A bunch of other dark and vaguely spiritual stuff happens, but not before Shirley floats in a pool. We're not sure what's actually happening half the time, but this video is quintessentially Garbage, and that's all that matters. Also, WELCOME BACK, GUYS!

+ Watch Garbage's "Big Bright World" video.

Photo credit: STUNVOLUME Records