Star Spotting: Adam Lambert's Glam Game Is More On Point Than Ever! (PHOTOS)

Adam Lambert stays glammer than you. And everybody else.

Looks like Adam Lambert is showing no signs of quitting his glamathon anytime soon, guys! First he went platinum blond, and then he got a gigantic tattoo in Latin on his forearm. And this just in -- a stun-ning photo of Adam DOMINATING the smokey-eye look while resembling a young David Bowie. Next, expect him to ride in on a real-life unicorn (like in this masterpiece), because if anyone can make an mystical animal magically and miraculously appear out of thin air, it's Adam.

See more of Adam Lambert's glam look after the jump.

The Trespassing singer shared his latest look on Twitter to not only show us what flawless skin looks like up close, but to also remind us that he's more FEROSH than ever. And while we're totally OK with keeping tabs on Adam via Twitter (one of his own 10 obsessions BTW), we're dying over the rumor that he could STILL score a judge's chair on "American Idol!" We could see his whole glamathon come to life on LIVE TELEVISION. (We'd also be able to justify wearing eyeliner to work in his honor. Actually, nothing's stopped us from doing that so far.)

It's only normal to out pattern everything in the room when you're Adam Lambert.

Photo credit: @adamlambert