We're Freaking Out Over Nicki Minaj Judging On 'American Idol!'

We're really hoping it's true that Nicki Minaj is the new "American Idol" judge!

After the announcement that both Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler stepped down as "American Idol" judges, our finger nails have been nibbled down to nubs awaiting the announcement of who's taking over. We basically went HAM when we learned Mariah Carey signed on (!!!) but in between the like, gazillion rumored possibilities (Nick Jonas, Adam Lambert, Katy Perry to name a few), it FINALLY sounds we may actually have Nicki Minaj on board!

While it's not like official-official (there's been some pretty definite confirmations, so if it's not true, we'll pretty much be SADZ TO THE MAX) about the "Pound The Alarm" singer's addition, we're flipping our ish over the almost-for-sure possibility! Between Britney Spears and Demi Lovato pairing up on "X Factor" and a Carey/Minaj duo at "AI" this could be THE MOST EPIC season of women-dominating television ever created.

But the biggest question: what alter-ego would Nicki bring to the table? Her Harajuku Barbie persona would be awesome to watch for the fashion, but we're really gunning for her Roman Zolanksi side. Watching terrified contestants get tough love from Nicki's devil-inspired personality would make for great TV (and it would make Simon Cowell's criticisms look like thoughtful Hallmark cards).

Photo credit: Nicki Minaj's Facebook