Star Spotting: Harry Styles Is A Deer In The Headlights, Still Looks Bangin' (PHOTO)

Even in full deer-in-the-headlights mode, Harry Styles is a stunner.

It's not often that one can have a FULLY FORMED deer-in-the-headlights look on his face and still resemble a STUNNING MALE MODEL, yet One Direction's Harry Styles managed to pull it off. But obviously though, right? Maybe he was a little exhausted from covering Oasis' "Wonderwall" or gearing up for his 2012 VMAs performance, but Harry looks like he may need to take a quick nap and/or yoga class just to de-stress. And we're not saying he doesn't look completely stressed out, we're just saying maybe he needs a minute, you know?

Harry and the rest of the One Direction crew were snapped earlier today in and around London proper. And sure, you may be wondering "why the eff do we care if Harry Styles, (a very famous rich person) is stressed?!" Well, if you couldn't already tell by this amazing GIF wall, we've got a little thing for Harry and the rest of his two-time MTV VMA nominated band. Sue us if we'd like to see Harry find his zen!

Photo credit: Getty Images