It's About Time!! The Jonas Brothers To Reunite For One Show

The Jonas Brothers are back, y'all!

When The Jonas Brothers went out for a bros-only brunch the other day, we had a hunch they weren't talking about the benefits of egg white omelets vs. regular ones. That said, we never would have guessed they were probably talking about their ONE-OFF REUNION SHOW, which incidentally, is MOST DEFINITELY happening! We die.

According to, the JoBros will reunite for one show Oct. 11 at Radio City Music Hall in New York: "We know it's time to come back and do another album... It's time, we need to be back on the road together," Kevin Jonas explained. "We've been making some really good music that we feel like we're ready to play, and we just can't wait to see the fans." Umm yeah, cause we've been waiting for a bajillion years for this to go down! And it's not like the bros aren't doing impressive things on their own -- Joe's got his judging gig on "The Next, Nick may or may not be the next "American Idol" judge, and Kevin is all set to revel in the joys of married life on his new reality show, "Married To Jonas." But like, all of that combined still doesn't even come close to the feelings of pure bliss we would have if the JoBros reunited in concert. Which, (one more time for emphasis) IS LITERALLY HAPPENING! Best day. Fingers crossed for more shows!

[EDITOR'S NOTE: The show is October 11, not October 1 as originally stated. Der, our bad.]

Photo credit: Getty Images