Star Spotting: 98 Degrees Reunite On 'Today' Show, Still SUPER HOT! (PHOTO)

98 Degrees performed some of their most famous hits during their "Today" show reunion. 

If you can take a moment to stop hyperventilating/squealing in high octaves (just us?) over the excitement that is the 98 Degrees reunion that occurred on the "Today" show this morning, you may then notice that all four gentlemen (Drew and Nick Lachey, Jeff Timmons, Justin Jeffre) are STILL looking FOIIIIIIIIINE and have barely aged as proven in this snapshot from their performance. Apparently, having boy band genes is better than Botox.

It's been 10 years (!!!) since the group put out a new album, but seeing the four hunks back together to perform their hits like "Invisible Man" and "The Hardest Thing" makes the time away not seem as bad. While we were all kinds of sad that the guys didn't rock any of our favorite outfits from 98 Degrees past, they INSTANTLY redeemed themselves after they admitted they're RECORDING NEW MUSIC TOGETHER!! We feel like it's 1999 all over again (sans our braces and algebra homework)!! Now, if only we could just get every other famous boy band back together from 1997-2002 (Backstreet Boys are already game!) and "TRL" back on air, then all would be right with the world again.

Photo credit: Getty Images

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