Joe Jonas Got A Face Cake That Looks Nothing Like Him For His Birthday (PHOTO)

Joe Jonas got a face cake for his birthday, and it was WEIRD!

Joe Jonas recently turned 23, and what did he get? A face cake that looks NOTHING LIKE HIM! Enjoy! But in all seriousness, WTF is with this cake, guys?

Though we don't think this looks quite like "The Next" judge, Joe was impressed enough with the dessert to tweet it out to all his followers: "My face cake last night -- creepy and awesome." While we gotta give props to the cake decorator for even attempting to re-create the stunning image that is Joe Jonas' face, here's what we think is off: First, the sharp jawline seems a bit too angular for our liking. The goatee also throws us, but it's the thickness of the eyebrows that's really the clincher. Then again, I can barely draw a straight line, so I probably shouldn't even be complaining. Plus, I'm sure the cake was delicious! (Because how could Joe Jonas not taste AMAZING!!?) Too much? Sorry.

Photo credit: @JoeJonas