Star Spotting: Taylor Swift And Ed Sheeran Continue To Be BFFs, Make Sweet Music Together (PHOTO)

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift make sweet music together. Literally, not figuratively.

It's no surprise that Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran have already collaborated and plan to release a duet on her forthcoming album, Red. But, that doesn't mean we still can't get VERY EXCITED when someone reminds us about it! And in this case, that someone is Ed Sheeran himself. Yesterday, the MTV PUSH alum tweeted an adorable shot of him and Taylor as she held up his latest album, +. He tweeted, "Duet coming soon...." HELL YES.

If you recall, Ed and Taylor released a snippet of them harmonizing on his song "Lego House," and it was basically the prettiest, butteriest, most on-point two-part harmony we've heard in a minute. Real talk, cannot wait for this duet, guys. Also, should we start thinking of a cute name for this duo? Edlor? Tayran? Tayed? Okay, none of those were good, so any and all suggestions welcome!

 Photo credit: @edsheeran