POSTED: MGK Talks About His Underdog Anthems, Ester Dean Collabo (VIDEO)

MGK talks his anthems for underdogs and working with Ester Dean in this week's POSTED.

MGK's DOMINATING! Not only is the Cleveland rapper MTV's PUSH Artist of the Week, he's also MTV's POSTED artist for August, so you can also catch exclusive interviews and videos over at all month long. Now hit play on the rapper's recently released EST 4 Life mixtape, and let's get this party started.

You may remember that even with MGK's budding fame and hanging with big-wigs like Diddy and Waka Flocka Flame, the rapper still lives in his manager's basement! But this week, we learn that underground living pays off as he admits that his "realness" in his songs is devoted to the underdog (having a killer collabo partner like Ester Dean doesn't hurt). Go ahead and call him an "Invincible" hero.

Watch MGK chat writing anthems for the underdog and his collabo with Ester Dean after the jump.

In the video, MGK talks about how his sound is the anthem for the small guy and his focus is to capture people's attention with his raw voice, energy, and beat. That energy and realness not only captured the attention of his fans, but also that of singer/songwriter Ester Dean. In another video, MGK talks about his "Invincible" duet with the female hip-hop star, "She's cool, man, she has a really beautiful voice and when you meet her she's super street -- she's my girl." He also says the two got along great, and the meshing of their personalities was perfect for the video. Judging by all its MAY-JOR success, we couldn't agree more.

+ Watch MGK talk about underdog anthems, and his "Invincible" collabo with Ester Dean.