Star Spotting: Conor Maynard Flips Someone The Bird, Still Seems Like A Sweet Kid Though (PHOTO)

Conor Maynard's PO'ed at someone!

During his candid round of "10 Things I'm Obsessed With," we learned that MTV PUSH alum Conor Maynard (or as some call him, the next Justin Bieber) loves Froot Loops, has a penchant for neon-colored sneakers, and an unending love and respect for "Family Guy." We did not, however, think that the kid with Froot Loops as his iPhone background would also have a tendency to flip someone the bird!

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As the story goes, the "Vegas Girl" crooner was caught cursing someone out on the set of his Ne-Yo-assisted new single, "Turn Around." SCANDAL! Moments later, Conor forgot all about his cursing blackout and got totally into the music. Sure, Conor has to be careful not to upset the moms of his teen fans, but then again, maybe this is a private joke with his best bro who came to visit the set? Or, perhaps he was method acting and getting deep into his role! Yep, that must be it.

Conor doing his best MJ impression.

Photo credit: Splash News