Star Spotting: Birthdays Look Good On Joe Jonas! (PHOTO)

Joe Jonas is very handsome at age 23. That is all.

OK, so technically we celebrate the birth of the VERY handsome Joe Jonas every single day of the year, but today is the official day to do so -- it's his birthday! And what better way to honor "The Next" judge's big 2-3 than by sharing our personal scrapbook of Joe collages this very FOIIIYYYNE pic of Joe looking RIGHT AT US with his big, beautiful, brown eyes during a recent interview on "Young Hollywood." Are we weirding you out right now, by the way? OH WELL, DON'T CURR! Please continue your prolonged and unbroken gaze into Joe Jonas' eyes. It's his birthday, but really it's a gift to you.

The middle Jonas Brother has a lot to look forward to in his 23rd year of life: His budding BFF status with rapper Nelly will be tons of fun, and judging for a new reality singing competition (along with Gloria Estefan!) will keep him on his toes. Hopefully, he'll have plenty more hilarz Instagram moments to share as well. But while Joe blows out the candles on his birthday cake (probably wishing for his third Ferrari or his own private island or something), we'll be over here wishing that he proposes marriage to us one day -- JK!!! (Kinda, but not at all). Happy Birthday, Joe!

Photo credit: Getty Images