New Video: 3OH!3, 'You're Gonna Love This'

3OH!3 take the rager to Vegas in their new "You're Gonna Love This" video.

We're pretty sure you're gonna love 3OH!3's video for their song, "You're Gonna Love This." (Ba-dum, ching. Sorry! How could I not?) Slated to appear on the hard-partying boys' forthcoming Omens, "You're Gonna Love This" follows a slightly tipsy Nate and Sean as they make poor decisions and try to score with a hot babe in, you guessed it, VEGAS. 'Cause where else is a 30H!3 video gonna take place? Idaho? (JK, we totally love you Idaho, no shade thrown.)

Watch 3OH!3's "You're Gonna Love This" video after the jump. 

In the video, Nate and Sean one-up each other as they try to impress a hot chick they both want. Both bros try to attract the lucky lady by performing arduous tasks such as hitting a golf ball into a garbage can, landing a ping-pong ball in the other's drink, and finally, hiring a private helicopter to dunk a basketball in a pool. In the end, both dudes lose out to a Tom Cruise impersonator, but we say "Who cares?!" There are tons of babes out there who would totally hook up with these boys. That, and 3OH!3 is loaded enough to rent a private helicopter on a whim, so really there's not much to be sad about, you know?

Watch 3OH!3's "You're Gonna Love This" video

Photo credit: Atlantic Records