Video Premiere: Green Day, 'Oh Love'

Green Day

Green Day show you how rock rehearsals are done in their "Oh Love" video.

With three albums (!!!) and a 2012 VMA performance in the queue, Green Day has to be the busiest rock band in the game right now. In their video for "Oh Love," the trio takes us inside their tour rehearsals, playing a private show for the benefit of a handful of lucky blue-eyeliner'd models. Not that the guys seem particularly stressed about their big releases. They ease into the spirited "crotch rock" of "Oh Love" one by one, with Billie Joe pulling from his array of Gibson axes first and Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt hitting the rehearsal floor pretty much when they feel like it. When you're a pro the stress don't show. (Maybe I co-opted that from a deodorant commercial or something, but you kinda get it -- these guys are unflappable.)

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The models make for a glittery audience as the group gives the track a workout. "Tonight, my heart's on the loose," Billie Joe Armstrong sings on the chorus, and with women like these around, it's not hard to see why. As we learned at Mark Zuckerberg's wedding, dude's still happily married IRL -- don't worry! He pokes fun at the Samuel Bayer-directed video's sexy vibes with a crucial spaghetti-eating shot that's on some vintage Lady and the Tramp ish, but once they start jamming in earnest, it's the music that gets the band's attention -- with three albums to bring on the road, we'd be trying to focus, too. (Right after our prolonged distraction by cat .gifs.)

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Photo credit: Marina Chavez/WBR