Watch PK's 'Buzzworthy Live' Acoustic Performance Of 'Some Nights'

PK strip down "Some Nights" to its three-part acoustic essence for "Buzzworthy Live."

You've heard what California indie rockers PK can do plugged in. But for their "Buzzworthy Live" acoustic performance, the quintet scales back to a single acoustic guitar, a keyboard and a bonus xylophone manned by singer Travis Hawley. Hawley, of course, needs no amplification -- he'd have our FEELINGS Spidey-sense tingling a hundred miles away when he sings, "I like the way you are with me." BRB, stealing that to text all our crushes. (Does anybody have Taylor Swift's number? Girl sounds like she probably needs to meet a nice Jewish boy like me.)

Watch PK's "Buzzworthy Live" acoustic performance of "Some Nights" after the jump.

A pair of maracas give "Some Nights" some extra rhythm as it unfurls into the chorus, and even without the distortion dialed up, guitarist Nick Fotinakes' heavy-duty strumming keeps the song barreling forward. The band's group vocals throw in some Mumford vibes (Hawley is San Luis Obispo's finest British import, don't forget), but lyrics about "warm nights" keep the song firmly embedded on the West Coast. PK's electrified Lost Boys Sessions EP is out now -- we've got the band exclusively amp-free below.

+ Watch PK's "Buzzworthy Live" acoustic performance of "Some Nights," and watch their brand-new "Some Nights" music video.

Photo credit: MTV