New Video: DJ Khaled Featuring Kanye West And Rick Ross, 'I Wish You Would'/'Cold' (NSFW)

DJ Khaled's "I Wish You Would/Cold" video featuring Kanye West and Rick Ross may cause motion sickness.

We've been a tad confused about the video situation for DJ Khaled's "I Wish You Would" and Kanye West's "Cold." When Kanye, Rick Ross and Khaled got together in Miami last month, it was unclear as to why both Kanye's "Cold" and Khaled's "I Wish You Would" were being shot together. Now, the answer is crystal clear: a hybrid video called "I Wish You Would"/"Cold."

Watch DJ Khaled Featuring Kanye West And Rick Ross, "I Wish You Would/Cold" (NSFW language) video after the jump.

Before we delve into specifics about the Hype Williams-directed clip, we should warn you: THIS VIDEO MIGHT GIVE YOU A SEIZURE and/or cause some sort of strobe-light induced medical malfunction. Or in clearer terms, if you can't handle a spastic camera that mimics the carsick feeling one might have while driving down THIS ROAD, then please avert your eyes. It's like that "Simpsons" episode where they go to Japan and trip out. Additionally, Kanye West also may have set a world record for most N-bombs dropped in a six-minute period. Yikes. If all of that is cool with you, though, then let us proceed!

It's hard to tell what really happens in "I Wish You Would"/"Cold," but amid the shaky camera we can tell that the three bros chill in what seems like an abandoned tunnel. While we wouldn't normally advocate for a video to be unwatchable if you have even the slightest case of motion sickness, all is forgiven when, at the 5:12 mark, KIM KARDASHIAN makes a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo! Not so coincidentally, her appearance goes down as Kanye spits his infamous diss at Kim's ex, Kris Humphries. It lasts barely a second, but it doesn't matter because KIMYE! That's always enough.

+ Watch DJ Khaled Featuring Kanye West And Rick Ross, "I Wish You Would"/"Cold" video (NSFW language), and watch Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's VMA video with 2012 VMA host Kevin Hart.

Photo credit: Cash Money Records

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