Adam Lambert Got A New Tattoo, And It's HUGE... And In Latin! (PHOTO)

Adam Lambert got a giant new tattoo. Like, HUGE.

In between dying his hair platinum blond and being the subject of some incredible unicorn-themed fan art (!!!!) Adam Lambert found the time to get a HUGE tattoo on his forearm. Along with a pic of his new ink, the "Never Close Our Eyes" singer tweeted "new tattoo." UGH, thanks bro. You get a tattoo that's NOT IN ENGLISH, and you don't tweet an explanation?

Yeah, well after some "thorough research" (aka two full minutes of Googling), we've found that that tattoo, which reads in Latin, "Musica Delenit Bestiam Feram," has something to do with music (duh) and beasts! According to a direct translation, it appears that the tat says, Music Soothes the Wild Beast. Sadly, I took French so I can't fully confirm that this is true. But I do firmly believe that if they had to, Adam's flawless voice could quell the temper of even the angriest of wild beasts. If we still had to deal with wild beasts, and stuff.

Photo credit: @adamlambert