Star Spotting: Lady Gaga And Dog Wear Matching Accessories, Adorableness OBVS Ensues (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga and her dog Fozzi are twins!

Normally it freaks us the eff out when people start looking like their dogs (no really, it happens), but Lady Gaga matching her fashionable leopard accessories to her little puppy's collar isn't weirding us out at all -- it's actually supercute! Now excuse me while I go and dress my own dogs to look just like Gaga (also a real thing that's happening).

The "Marry The Night" singer was snapped looking BEYOND regal with her pup, Fozzi, cozy on her lap. She shared the photo on her Little Monsters profile with the thoughtful caption: "'The only real elegance is in the mind; if you've got that, the rest really comes from it.' -Diana Vreeland." Honestly, the only elegance we can think of is how glamorous the life of pop star's pet would be. Just imagine the sneak listens Fozzi is getting from Gaga's next album ARTPOP?! We can't even with our jealousy for that four-legged creature right now.

We're just glad to see that Lady Gaga's pooch is the only one wearing the fur this time around, especially after all the recent attention Gaga's been getting about her fashions. Now, let's just hope Mother Monster isn't planning on sporting matching meat dresses with the pup... that just wouldn't end well AT ALL.

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