New Video: Azealia Banks, 'Van Vogue'

Azealia Banks sets out to wash her own clothes in her "Van Vogue" video.

It's fairly obvious that Azealia Banks is rarely in a situation where she's not all DGAF. Which works, because there's no such thing as a passive chick with a potty mouth. It's pretty rare that you can maintain that kinda Kanye-shrug attitude and still be as lovely as Azealia, but somehow she manages. Because as we see in "Van Vogue," her latest video from her 1991 EP, she's not afraid to get her designer clothes nice and muddy.

Watch Azealia Banks' "Van Vogue" video after the jump.

The "Van Vogue" video, directed by Rankin, is mainly composed of Azealia spitting rhymes in the hottest of couture while submerging herself in swampy waters (this is why we can't have nice things, Azealia!), probably giving her stylist a small heart attack (that stuff is not machine wash, dry, guys). Truth be told, we WISH we could be so reckless. Look, I'm not even willing to mess up my new thrift shop shirt. We all can't be stars, I guess.

+ Watch Azealia Banks' "Van Vogue" video.

Photo credit: UMG