New Song: Neon Hitch Featuring Tyga, 'Gold'

Neon Hitch is obsessed with a dude on her Tyga-assisted "Gold."

By now, you probably know that Neon Hitch is a no-BS chick, and she stays true to form in her latest, "Gold." Co-written by Claude Kelly, Neon and Bruno Mars, with a verse-assist from Tyga, "Gold" is a soaring, lush pop anthem about a dude who has caught Neon's eye. Or in short, she's obsessed with him: "It's good to meet you, beautiful creature/ You got my heartbeat racing like a cheetah/ Don't need no lights, so turn them off/ Give me a Tylenol, because my head keeps spinning like a disco ball/ I can tell that your love is blinding." Well then!

Listen to Neon Hitch featuring Tyga, "Gold" after the jump.

Tyga goes in hard on his verse, which not only gives the song some street cred, but also dutifully reminds us that he can buy an eff-ton of diamonds if he wants to: "What you want? Diamonds and gold?/ Lifestyles of a penthouse floor?/ Right now I’m kinda into what you like/ So tomorrow night, no regrets, let it all flow." We're actually pretty excited about this song for Neon. After "Love U Betta" and "Ass Back Home," we think "Gold" is the perfect song to go, well, GOLD! (Sorry, had to!)

+ Listen to Neon Hitch featuring Tyga, "Gold."

Photo credit: Warner Bros.