Star Spotting: John Mayer Is Really Attached To His Cowboy Hat, Guys (PHOTO)

John Mayer sure loves that cowboy hat.

OK, so we're not saying we don't love John Mayer in his cowboy hat; we're just saying that maybe he doesn't have to wear it all the time. (He wore it HERE, and HERE, and let's not forget his latest batch of press photos.) On a personal level, I'm actually totally into dudes with cowboy hats! I think it's hot, manly, and vaguely Texan. But after taking a poll among my pals, they all seem to miss John's more coiffed look, sans headgear.

But then again, why am I even worried about the "Queen Of California" singer's capability of snagging a hottie when he's clearly HOOKING UP WITH KATY PERRY, the ultimate goddess of our time. John and the four-time VMA nominee have been seen out and about all over L.A., and even if he won't take off his hat for Katy, we're pretty sure she forgets all about it when she LOOKS AT HIS FACE. Which is still so on point, it's frightening. Or in short, you're still a total fox, John... with or without the 24/7 headgear.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News