Video Premiere: Yellowcard, 'Here I Am Alive'


Yellowcard journey to the past in the "Here I Am Alive" video.

Yellowcard's "Here I Am Alive" is a survivor's anthem -- a song about falling over, skinning your knees and getting back on the board... or at least outlasting the school bully and/or the haters. The Robby Starbuck-directed video finds singer Ryan Key in adorable adult mode as he sings of writing "to the kid I was before," heading back in time with Tay Jardine of We Are the In Crowd (who adds harmonies to the sing-along chorus as well as some leather jacket swag) to chill with their younger selves. Key and Jardine pop on a VHS tape (now you know they're time traveling) to share their rock future before bringing out the kids to crowd-surf and hit the stage with the rest of the band.

Watch Yellowcard's "Here I Am Alive" video after the jump.

It's heartwarming stuff from Yellowcard, who prove that following your dreams and living well is the best revenge. And the pop-punk veterans know a thing or two about staying power: Southern Air, due Aug. 14, is their eighth studio album in 13 years. After finishing up the summer on Warped Tour, Yellowcard's hitting Europe, Japan and Australia before heading home for some U.S. dates in November.

+ Watch Yellowcard's "Here I Am Alive" video.

Photo credit: Hopeless Records