New Video: Mika Featuring Pharrell Williams, 'Celebrate'

Mika battles writer's block by partying in his latest video, "Celebrate."

Mika set out to bring new life to your summer BBQs this past June with his peppy, aptly titled track "Celebrate," and now he's added some incredible visuals to help his cause. One might think that the "Celebrate" video would be a big ol' party with confetti, dancing, dope tunes and a strobe light. And yep, that's definitely all in there, but before we get to the rager, we follow the story of Mika's crippling writer's block.

Watch Mika featuring Pharrell Williams in the "Celebrate" video after the jump.

The video for "Celebrate" -- slated to appear on the singer's forthcoming album, The Origin Of Love -- was shot in New York and features a trés handsome Mika sitting at a piano trying to write a song. The more he writes, the more he rips and scraps everything he comes up with. Annoyed, exhausted and out of paper, Mika heads to the club and eventually cures his writer's block by, you guessed it, PARTYING. Yo, this is totally a mantra we can get down with! Can't think? Go rage! It'll cure what ails you.

+ Watch Mika featuring Pharrell Williams in the view for "Celebrate."

Photo credit: Casablanca Records