Beyonce Feeds Blue Ivy, Who's Wearing A Baby-Size Watch The Throne Shirt! (PHOTO)

Baby Blue Ivy wears a Watch The Throne T-shirt as Beyoncé feeds her!

You know you're like Obama-famous when the entire world can't stop talking about a photo where you can basically only see your eyebrow and the back of your new baby's head. We almost do not care that we can't really see Beyoncé's stunning face (or that of her adorable baby, Blue Ivy) because HERE IS A PICTURE OF BEYONCÉ FEEDING BLUE IVY! Oh, and did we mention she's wearing a baby-size Watch The Throne T-shirt? WE CANT! It's just too much.

We always knew that Beyoncé, who spent the weekend performing at the U.N. for World Humanitarian Day, likes to wear Watch The Throne gear, but we can now confirm that the Carter-Knowles family affinity for supporting The Throne extends all the way to Blue Ivy. Just because she's not even old enough to speak doesn't mean Blue Ivy can't support her pops. After all, as an American royal, she's next in line to inherit the Throne.

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