Star Spotting: Here's Fan Art Of A Blond Adam Lambert Riding A Unicorn (PHOTO)

Blond Adam Lambert rides a unicorn in this AH-MAZING fan art!

Usually our daily Star Spottings posts consist of photos of our favorite stars doing regular or famous-people things. You know -- the things we NEED to see. But this Adam Lambert fan art that we discovered on Twitter is just so extraordinary that we had to break all rules, because FINALLY someone captured the exact essence of how we see Adam in our mind's eye (whatever that is) -- as a glittery and unicorn-riding hero! WE BOW DOWN TO THE WHIMSICAL MINDS OF GLAMBERTS EVERYWHERE! Also, fall back, Lisa Frank!

This wondrous masterpiece of the Tresspassing singer was tweeted by a super-imaginative Lambert devotee named @RedBessRead, who flawlessly meshed Adam with Steve Read's "Unicorn And Comets" poster to create what we're confident is the single greatest piece of art created in the year 2012. (This had BETTER have a spot at Gen Art, and we expect MAJOR wall space devoted to this at the 201e Whitney Biennial.)

While Lady Gaga fans may have intrigued us with their very inventive use of hair, we totally respect that @RedBessRead was inspired enough by Adam's new blond hair that she took great pains to ensure that Adam's hair and the white unicorn complemented each other instead of coming off as too matchy-matchy. "Time For Miracles?" Psh. More like TIME FOR UNICORNS.

Photo credit: @RedBessRead/ Steve Read

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