Video Premiere: PK, 'Some Nights'


PK, vintage lighting aficionados as well as one of our favorite new rock bands.

PK may be the most stylish band in San Luis Obispo, Calif., a title the rockers defend in their "Some Nights" video. The video finds the well-dressed quintet performing "Some Nights" in the world's hippest apartment -- note the speakeasy-ready exposed light bulbs that cast the perfect olde-tymey glow over the soft-focus shoot. (Thankfully, the band skips the 100-year-old ties and vests. Some clothes are retro for a reason.)

Beyond being a handsome band (frontman Travis Hawley drops a shirt button in one .gif-worthy frame, ladies! You are welcome!) and steadfastly masterful musicians (hints of Springsteen's "Born To Run" are sprinkled liberally throughout the song), the sexy video follows a curvaceous actress getting increasingly intimate in a Maxim-esque bedroom montage. But keep your eye on the less, um, outgoing girl in green, who proves you don't have to take your clothes off to have a good time, or to get noticed.

Watch PK's "Some Nights" video after the jump.

The urgent, earnest guitar jam, driven by a keyboard melody and Hawley's timeless British croon, reminds us of The Killers -- dudes have covered Eddie Money, so you know they're not scared of melodrama. "Don't change a thing, don't change a thing," Hawley pleads. "I like the way you are with me." Feeling's mutual, guys.

"Some Nights" can be found on The Lost Boy Sessions EP, which dropped May 29. Pick it up and stay tuned for a "Buzzworthy Live" acoustic session with PK later this week.

+ Watch PK's "Some Nights video.