Star Spotting: The Wanted Swim With Sharks In Australia! (PHOTOS)

The Wanted swim with sharks while in Australia. We hyperventilate even thinking about it. 

We get that when you're a big deal like The Wanted, you get access to one-of-a-kind opportunities like, oh, I dunno, scuba diving with man-eating sharks. But who signed off on The Wanted undertaking such a dangerous endeavor WITHOUT CHECKING WITH US FIRST!? We'd really prefer the Best New Artist nominees arrive to our future wedding the 2012 MTV VMAs in one piece.

See more photos of The Wanted's trip down under after the jump.

Does that shark's face totally look hungry for The Wanted or is it just us?

The "Chasing The Sun" singers took to their Twitter and Facebook to share photos of them diving with some ferocious-looking sharks while in Australia. And while we give them mad props for having the guts to do such a TERRIFYING thing (we've seen our fair share of Shark Week to know what can go down!), we actually wonder what's scarier: swimming with bloody-hungry, sharped-tooth sharks or dodging swarms of hungry boy band-loving fans while walking the streets. Maybe the bottom of the sea is the only place The Wanted can get a little break from the hysterics of the fan-girldom. Welp, don't stay down there too long, guys.

Photo credit: The Wanted's Facebook/@jaythewanted