Snoop Dogg Gets Paris Hilton To Drink Her First 40 (VIDEO)

Snoop Dogg treats Paris Hilton to her first 40 in this oddly charming interview.

Time to send a giant bouquet of his favorite medicinal herb thank-you note to Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion, because he's the party responsible for getting Paris Hilton to chug her first 40! Now, we don't wanna be rude or anything, but in what world are we EVER supposed to believe that Paris Hilton has never tossed back a 40? Remember when she spent like MUCH of the late 2000s dancing on tables? Although she's probably all up in that fancy-people bottle service, and not stuck throwing back OE like "regular folks." Regardless, it turns out that Snoop unleashed the beast, because Paris chugged it like a pro.

Watch Snoop Dogg get Paris Hilton to drink her first 40 in this oddly charming interview after the jump. 

On the latest episode of Snoop's hilarious GGN News Network YouTube show, Snoop interviews Paris -- is it just me, or do they have a really sweet rapport? -- after discussing her business ventures (perfume! bags!), Snoop coerces her to down that brown. Also, it's not like I absolutely HAD to witness Paris Hilton ingesting copious amounts of alcohol, but that doesn't mean I'm not totally glad that I did, you know? (Also, note: If you are under 21, you should only be chugging apple juice, ya heard?)

+ Watch Snoop Dogg get Paris Hilton to drink her first 40.

Photo credit: CGN on YouTube