New Video: B.o.B. Featuring André 3000, 'Play The Guitar'

André 3000 and B.o.B. are pixelated in their new "Play The Guitar" video.

As we all know by now, André 3000 doesn't just make a cameo on any old record. But B.o.B. was lucky enough to snag him for an assist on his new tune, "Play The Guitar." The song was scheduled to appear on B.o.B.'s sophomore LP, Strange Clouds, but it ended up not appearing on the album. So we're MASSIVELY hyped that it surfaced. A cheeky, high-energy record, B.o.B.'s new jam is kinda pop, kinda R&B, kinda hip-hop, and then also kinda reminds us of Eve's "Tambourine." Y'know, if all of that makes sense.

Watch B.o.B. Featuring André 3000, "Play The Guitar" after the jump. 

Visually, André and B.o.B.'s "Play The Guitar" video consists mainly of Lite-Brite-esque black-and-white pixelation, which eventually takes the form of images and words. We occasionally see the pixels shape out lyrics, and then there's that one time when an animated dude defecates the number 3,000 (we're assuming it's André?). Sure, the video is totally bizarre, and we'd sort of prefer to check out B.o.B. and André's cute mugs, but then again we have been trying to encourage a Lite-Brite renaissance, and we appreciate this video's contribution to the cause.

+ Watch B.o.B. Featuring André 3000, "Play The Guitar." 

Photo credit: Atlantic Records